The Vaughns Shake the Blues Away on "Shout" (premiere)

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"Shout", the latest single from the New Jersey's the Vaughns, distills the best of 1990s slacker rock and marries it to sunny, indie pop melodies.

Shout (Official Video) - The Vaughns - YouTube

Sometimes you just need a song that screws up the day's stresses and anxieties into a tight ball and tosses them in the bin. A song to stimulate those facial muscles and lock them into a firm smile. The latest sparkling offering from New Jersey indie rock band, the Vaughns, does exactly that.

The band's follow up to their equally as infectious "50%" single is a hook-filled gem from start to finish. Distilling the best of 1990s slacker rock and marrying it with sunny, indie pop melodies, the song builds to a dazzling chorus. As if that wasn't enough, every guitar note seems to reverberate with sheer unadulterated joy, building to comfortably one of the happiest guitar solos you will ever hear.

Capturing the mood perfectly is the accompanying, wonderfully quirky video that finds the band goofing around in various costumes and generally having a ball. It's the kind of video that brings a welcome bit of fun and colour to even the darkest of days.

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