Venetian Snares - "Everything About You Is Special" (Singles Going Steady)

Once the beat kicks in, Venetian Snares is clearly in another stratosphere.

Pryor Stroud: A Kraftwerk-style synth dirge brutalized by a fit of spasming drumbeats, "Everything About You Is Special" sounds like it could be the mandatory soundtrack for cremation ceremonies in a futuristic society that worships fire. The interplay between the lead synth sob-echo and the seizing-up percussion that unrelentingly pesters it is the focal point here and, if you listen long enough, you can almost hear -- and gravitate into -- the interstice between them. It's simplistic, eerie, and packed with adrenaline, inflicting a feeling not entirely dissimilar to the sensation you get when you suspect someone is watching you. [7/10]

Emmanuel Elone: Full of starts and stops, "Everything About You Is Special" takes the listener on one big joyride. There's wonky percussion, eery synths, and light electronic melodies floating in the back that make the music as a whole almost as dark as a John Carpenter song. It's emotive, rhythmic, and disturbingly hypnotic, basically everything that I enjoy in my ambient electronic music. [6/10]

Chad Miller: The percussion is probably the best thing about this song. The rhythm feels like it focuses the instrumental melody into a more substantive form. Otherwise, not a lot is happening in this piece although it sounds complacent in its simplicity. [7/10]

Chris Ingalls: At first, this sounds like Com Truise without a beat, but once the beat kicks in, Venetian Snares, a.k.a. Aaron Funk, is clearly in another stratosphere. The beats are ruthless and complex but remain inviting. It's what separates the track from a lot of similar synth music out there. The keyboards manage to retain a warmth while definitely evoking an old-school chill. But the beats are where it's at. [8/10]

SCORE: 7.00

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