VHS Collection Seeks Escape With "One" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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New York outfit VHS Collection retreats to Los Angeles armed with retro synthesizers and a need to create a youthful anthem.

VHS Collection hails from New York City where the band came together under the auspices of fusing rock, electronic and disco sounds. The unit's latest single, "One", highlights these influences, with low-end hooks that recall the grittiest elements of The Cure and soaring vocals that summon memories of '80s pop acts such as A-ha. VHS Collection isn't living in the past, though. The lyrics, which deal with the time-honored desire for youthful escape, are as relevant now as they ever were and if elements of the music touches on a bygone era it's an era that music lovers can embrace warmly.

And, anyway, when you're singing along to these words at the top of your lungs, none of that matters. VHS Collection makes it completely possible to get lost in the moment, ideally the one you're facing right now.

This is a band of stubbornly independent players who remain removed from major management or the influence of a label, who see streaming sites and other online venues not as a threat to the independent musician but a new land of opportunity where a little bit of grit and determination can see you rise to the top.

"One", which was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Tony Hoffer (M83, Phoenix, Beck, the Kooks), features vintage synthesizers including the Korg MS20, Yamaha TQ5 and the Juno 60, perhaps accounting for that delicate balance between the past and now.

The group's Conor Cook offered this about "One": "It's a song about desperate youth. It's about wanting to run away from a troubled life situation and start anew. As for the recording itself, we used vintage synthesizers and kept the guitar line from the original demo recording. It had a gritty vibe that we really loved. I think our favorite part has to be the drum fill into the chorus. This one rocks a bit harder than our last few releases, we can't wait to play it on tour in May."


5/16 - ANAHEIM CA - House of Blues
5/17 - LOS ANGELES CA - Moroccan Lounge
5/18 - SAN FRANCISCO CA - Rickshaw Stop
5/23 - CHICAGO IL - Schuba's
5/29 - PHILADELPHIA PA - Johnny Brendas
5/31 - WASHINGTON DC - Milkboy
6/2 - NEW YORK NY -Governor's Ball Music Festival

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Jedd Beaudoin

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