Photo: Courtesy of the Playground

Mike Paradinas Remixes Composer Vincenzo Ramaglia’s “La parole 5” (premiere)

Legendary producer and Planet Mu label head µ-Ziq lends his remixing skills to "La parole 5", a gorgeous new song from Roman composer and electronic artist, Vincenzo Ramaglia.

Italian composer Vincenzo Ramaglia merges elements of classical, electronic, and experimental into a gloriously forward-looking form of music. Touching on IDM, the avant-garde, and post-rock, Ramaglia’s music is beautiful and original. For the original take of “La parole 5”, Laure Le Prunenec adds her enigmatic vocals with some newly created words forming compelling sounds that the music can play off.

By way of examining a different approach, legendary producer and Planet Mu label head µ-Ziq (aka Mike Paradinas) offers his take on the song. µ-Ziq moves the electronics and beats front and center, but also softens the sound and moves the vocals out into the stratospheric haze. “La parole 5” becomes simultaneously dreamier and more of a toe-tapper under µ-Ziq’s guidance.

Paradinas says, I was trying to impose some structure and limit my use of the beautiful singing of Vincenzo’s untamed and sprawling original.” The “La parole 5” (µ-Ziq Remix) releases 7 February via PEM Records.

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