The Vintage Martins Bring an "Ocean" of News with Single, Album Announcement (premiere)

Photo: Rolly Ladd

Bluegrass mainstays Eric Uglum and Bud Bierhaus join forces to produce a wave of serene sound on this song about the sea. Their new album, Traveled, is also on the way.

Eric Uglum and Bud Bierhaus have been playing music together for the last three decades. They've been acclaimed in bluegrass circles for their contributions to renowned acts like Copperline and have also joined in musical harmony with the likes of Ron Block (Allison Kraus, Union Station), Christian Ward (Sierra Hull), and Austin Ward (Kenny and Amanda Smith Band) in their full band. Pair this with Uglum's international renown as a producer and owner of Southern California's New Wine Sound Studio, and this inimitable musical duo sure has put in their dues.

It hasn't been until more recently that Uglum and Bierhaus decided to join forces more closely to produce music that's their own. This is where the Vintage Martins—Uglum and Bierhaus' latest project—comes into play. Developed by the duo at Uglum's studio over the course of several months, Traveled is a collection of songs that dive deeper into Uglum and Bierhaus' sense of musical style and collaboration more than any previous work released. It highlights Bierhaus' gorgeous tenor vocals pairing in perfect harmony with Uglum's, developing intricately-crafted, emotive landscapes of lush acoustic sound to get lost in.

This could never be more true than on "Oceans", the lead single from the Vintage Martin's upcoming album. Traveled is set to release on Eastwood come 11 May.

"The song was written around 1985 by my dear friend, Jimmy Adams, a great songwriter and performer who passed away about three years ago. It was about his life in Ventura, California," Bud Bierhaus says. "The song was inspired by the love of his life (and eventual wife, Judy Adams) and the serenity that comes from just being on the beach by the sea."

Uglum adds, "'Ocean' has always been one of our most requested songs. Bud's great singing and interpretation really put the song on the map years ago when he lived in Ventura, CA and several others have covered the song since then. I was thrilled to document Bud's definitive version with 14-time Grammy winner Ron Block (of Alison Krauss and Union Station) on banjo as well as five-time Grammy nominee Rob Ickes on Dobro! "

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