Vinyl Theatre Lets Us "Feel It All" With Stripped Down Track (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Milwaukee's Vinyl Theatre goes beyond the synthetic and programmed on this acoustic version of their single "Feel It All".

"Feel It All" is the latest single from Vinyl Theatre. The Milwaukee trio ended last year with a distinct creative vision. Having left behind Fueled By Ramen, the group decided it would be time to explore a broader range of music and began writing songs that would have been unthinkable for the unit a few years earlier. The members played with a range of programming options and synthetic sounds on the initial rendition of "Feel It All" and have now issued a stripped down acoustic version that highlights the track's naked emotionalism.

Guitarist/vocalist Keegan Calmes said of the new version, "It captured a moment in time for us. We were at a crossroad where we had to choose to fortify our passions rather than let them slip. We wrote the song collectively, but it really came together on its own and pulled us along with it. The original track was meant to be a driving anthem for those faced with a turning point in their lives. When we reimagined it, we wanted to bring an emphasis on the lyrics and present a stripped down version of the song where they could shine. It's modest with just guitar and piano, but the song feels just as striking to us now as it did when it was first incarnated. This is our reimagining."

With dates supporting Twenty One Pilots, Dashboard Confession, Panic! at the Disco and others behind them, Vinyl Theatre winds down its spring touring schedule on May 3.


May 01 House of Blues Cleveland- Cleveland, OH

May 03 High Noon Saloon- Madison, WI

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