Photo: Courtesy of the artist

British Punk Rockers the Violent Hearts Find Salvation on “Porcelain World” (premiere)

"Porcelain World" sees the Violent Hearts distilling their classic punk influences to stunning effect.

Born from the smoldering embers of British punks Sharks, the Violent Hearts are releasing a video for the driving, punk rocker “Porcelain World”. Comprised of former Sharks frontman James Mattock, bassist Carl Murrihy, and joined by the Computers sticksman Aidan Sinclair, the trio are readying the release of their forthcoming debut album, Everything and Nothing.

Distilling the untempered urgency of the Clash and sprinkling in a little of the Jam‘s pop sense and the Buzzcocks ear for a vocal hook, “Porcelain World” wears its classic punk roots proudly like worn patches on a battered leather jacket. Lyrically, Mattock details his experience of being cut adrift in a foreign land, a period with distinct parallels to the world in which we find ourselves today,

“I wrote this song at a time when I was in a very similar situation to the one most of us are in now. A few years ago I found myself struggling to live in another country. I was cut off from technology and the outside world, with no money and nowhere to go. This went on for months and in that time I wrote the bulk of our album. This song’s a metaphor for a world stood still. Listening to it today, it conveys a strange new meaning.”

Channeling that uncertainty he quickly steers the song to a rabble-rousing chorus. A chorus that deserves to be roared back to them by a sweaty crowd, pogoing themselves to near exhaustion. With “Porcelain World”, the Violent Hearts have found rock ‘n’ roll redemption after years of missed opportunities, disappointments, and artistic burnout. It’s a dynamic rocker from a band with an innate hunger to rock the hearts and souls of as many people as humanly possible.