Violet Delancey Brings Us Dreamy Americana on "100 Years or More" (premiere)

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In her fairy tale-inspired track, Violet Delancey melds alt-country and dream pop-flavored inclinations to bring us something totally new.

If the countrified tinges of Violet Delancey's 2016 debut album were hits, the music of her forthcoming album, Columbia Road, feels more like a revelation. Trading in some of the twang that made When the Clock Strikes Midnight a success in Americana circles for some dream pop entrancement, Delancey's latest dances the line between alt-country and indie pop stylings.

Prior to the album's 25 May release, Delancey is premiering its newest track, "100 Years or More". It kicks off with thumping drums reminiscent of the Bastille hit "Pompeii", ending with Delancey's warble gracefully traveling across an ethereal playground of instrumentation. The mystical feeling of her latest tune is only helped along by where its inspired from, as the entirety of Columbia Road takes cues from popular fairy tale characters. This one in particular name-checks Snow White before it's over, and certainly has the sort of whimsical density to it that one might find in the Enchanted Forest.

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