"Plans" Follows Von Grey's Transitions and Ambitions (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Mary Caroline Mann / Courtesy of Press Here Publicity

Classically trained sister trio Von Grey directs their video for "Plans", a track from their new acoustic EP, bloom: acoustic.

Atlanta's Von Grey brings together classically trained sisters Kathryn von Grey, Annika von Grey and Fiona von Grey. The trio weaves a web of cinematic and ethereal sounds in its songs which are always informed by the sisters' training. "Plans", which is culled from the new acoustic EP, in bloom: acoustic, a recording that highlights the spare simplicity of Von Grey's songs as well as its unapologetically emotional content.

Though the trio has garnered comparisons to Lana del Ray and Haim, it proves itself a darker, more nuanced collective than such claims would suggest. "Plans", a tune that seems destined for a slot on plenty of summer playlists, solidifies the sisters' unique place in the contemporary musical climate.

The sisters, who shot, edited and conceptualized the video which accompanies the new track, offer this about its origins and intentions: "It's about transition and growth, and we wanted the video to capture our growth as artists and individuals in as unstaged a way as possible. We've always documented our lives in small ways, and the 'Plans' video is a quick, intimate snapshot of our past few years. We've been in and out of studios, we've been intermittently in school, we've collaborated with some stunningly talented individuals, and we've changed a lot. This video is a little keepsake for us, a little memory saver," says Fiona.

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Jedd Beaudoin

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