Waco Brothers - "Had Enough" (audio) (premiere)

Acclaimed alt-country/punk rockers, the Waco Brothers, return with their first full studio album in 10 years.

The Waco Brothers have known for 20 years now that alt-country and first wave British punk are perfect bedfellows in terms of visceral raw emotion, both lyrically and musically. Hell, Joe Strummer knew that too -- just listen to his work with the Mescaleros -- so the Wacos have been successfully following this fruitful path for nearly a quarter of a century. On 26 February 2016, the band returns with their first full studio album in 10 years, Going Down in History, a title that justifiably refers to their groundbreaking music.

As if I couldn't love this group any more than I already do, they have made a cover of the Small Faces' classic "All Or Nothing" the centerpiece of the album and dedicated it to Small Faces' keyboard man Ian McLagan. Going Down in History is full of primal energy, good-time rock 'n' roll, and punk attitude that just won't quit. In other words, you are going to have a great time with this record and enjoy hearing this stuff live.

To celebrate the album's release, we have the honor of sharing the first single, "Had Enough", with you. It's 1977 London meets 2015 Chicago. Strummer would be proud.

Jon Langford says about "Had Enough" that the “song came about very quickly in one of the Waco Brothers pre-drink moments of clarity… a temper tantrum with a 4/4 beat. Tracey Dear takes the lead vocal and makes a delicious magic mushroom socialistic risotto of it!"

Pre-order Going Down in History via Bloodshot Records.

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