Wait, let’s check with the RIAA before we listen to that album…

Need something to get your blood boiling? How about this: Big Content would like to outlaw things no one has even thought of yet. Yes, the friendly people at the RIAA and their movie equivalent the MPAA wants to force all of the electronics manufacturers to get their seal of approval for any new product that they’re going to roll out to consumers. Seeing how well they’ve done with Digital Rights Management (Sony) and crippling copyright antics that are slowly sapping creativity in the entertainment world, do we really want them to take this further step to limit what we can do with our computers and stereos in our homes?

I sure as hell don’t want them to have that power over me. If you don’t like that idea either, there is something you can do about it. There is an Electronic Frontier Foundation petition that you can sign and have sent to your member of Congress to let them know that you oppose the proposed legislation that will give the RIAA and MPAA the power to decide what kind of home entertainment systems you can own. I don’t trust these groups to look out after my welfare and neither should you.