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Wale Oyejide, The Hold Steady, Junior Boys...

Wale Oyejide

Africa Hot! - The Afrofuture Sessions

Shaman Work

Download "Keep Shining" (MP3, 192kbps)

"Wale Oyejide has returned with a new project that further binds the traditional sounds of Nigerian Afro-beat with the future vibes of the London Broken-beat scene, while managing to maintain the neck-snapping sensibilities of Hip-Hop. Try and imagine what it would sound like if Fela Kuti held a session with Bugz in the Attic in Brooklyn, New York, and you might have a vague idea." -- Shaman Work

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Junior Boys

In the Morning [MP3]

The Hold Steady

Chips Ahoy! [MP3]

Grizzly Bear

Knife [MP3]

The Grates

Feels Like Pain [MP3]

James Baldwin Matters

There's a reason why Ta-Nehesi Coates is often compared to James Baldwin, and there's a reason why Baldwin's work is so relevant in the age of Black Lives Matter.

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