War & Pierce 2021
Photo: Courtesy of Hearth Media

War & Pierce’s “Mercy” Spotlights the Unrelenting Realities of Police Brutality (premiere)

Addressing police brutality against Black Americans, War & Pierce’s “Mercy” is a scorching soul track with an indelible hook and powerful message.

She’s Sunny War; he’s Chris Pierce. Together, they’re War & Pierce. In recent years, the artists have grown in stature, with War’s Simple Syrup and Pierce’s American Silence released to acclaim in 2021. With a new album set to release in Spring 2022, the two artists are returning to their duo project with the chilling melodies of “Mercy”. Dealing with the harsh realities of police brutality against Black Americans, “Mercy” is a scorching soul track with an indelible hook and powerful message.

War & Pierce’s accompanying music video for “Mercy” was directed by Steve Bays, showcasing video footage of Black Lives Matter protests to highlight its potent subject matter. Pierce dishes out its opening verse, reflecting on feelings of fear and uncertainty in the face of police brutality and institutional racism. He asks, “Could I be murdered in my home? A man who kills me will walk free.”

Pierce tells PopMatters, “Our new single ‘Mercy’ deals with the constant resilience required by people of color in the United States and beyond. It recollects real-life situations while demonstrating that in life and death situations there remains no assurance that mercy will be shown or even considered on those targeted. It challenges those who target human beings based on race and intolerance to not live in fear and not make decisions based on fear.”

War & Pierce’s “Mercy” is set for release on 13 August.