Wargirl Examines Manipulation and Bad Behavior With "Mess Around" (premiere)

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Soul-pop group Wargirl shows off fierce grooves, unapologetic attitude, and the ability to create hooks that are tough to forget on "Mess Around".

Long Beach, California soul-pop outfit Wargirl will release their self-titled debut album on 19 April via Clouds Hill. The group has just issued a new video for "Mess Around" (directed by Directed by Matt Wignall and Stefan Schmid). The track serves as testament to the band's musical might: fierce grooves, unapologetic attitude, and the ability to create hooks that are sensible and impossible to forget.

Speaking about the track, the band says, "the idea for 'Mess Around' came during a political election. Looking at the candidates groveling and speaking manipulative words, brought to mind the picture of an abusive or cheating boyfriend. Someone who tries to talk you into staying with them after lying and behaving badly. It really is quite laughable so we wrote a song to remind us all to laugh at horrible people rather than suffering fools."

Led by vocalist Samantha Park (daughter of James Lafayette Parks, the leader of the 1970s funk band Bull & the Matadors), the group is rounded out by bassist Tamara Raye, keyboardist Enya Preston, dual percussionists Erick Diego Nieto and Jeff Suri, and Wignall on guitar.

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