Waveless Dream Up Their Escape on "Second Lot" (premiere)

Publicity photo via Bandcamp

Minneapolis noise-gaze trio Waveless seethes and soothes with discord and distance on their new album, As One More Folded Paper Crane.

"Second Lot" (video premiere)

April 24, 2018


Hannah Kathleen and Dustin McChesney, respectively bassist and guitarist in Waveless, have developed a dynamic vocal chemistry with each record the Minneapolis trio puts out. Part duet and part duel, their lyrical conversations can sound at ends one moment and in complete accord the next.

"Second Lot", taken from their forthcoming album, As One More Folded Paper Crane, finds them in a cryptic back and forth about what gets hidden behind baseball fields and bathroom mirrors as McChesney hones in on his escapist mantra, "I'm not there and I never really was." Jared Sather's shape-shifting drums and the reverb on everything cranked to 11 set the song in a state of agitated bliss. As One More Folded Paper Crane, out 19 May on Moniker Records, dials up both of those ends, breathing blue smoke through sharp teeth, building on their already formidable presence.

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