We Lost the Sea - "A Gallant Gentleman" (audio) (premiere)

Photo by Josh Groom

The Australian band needs no words to tell a moving story.

Australian progressive instrumental heavy rock band We Lost the Sea are set to release their new album Departure Songs on 27 November via Translation Loss Records (pre-order here). The sextet have an incredible knack for creating a cinematic effect with their compositions, and as the heart-wrenching "A Gallant Gentleman" illustrates, they can tell a story without words quite brilliantly.

"'A Gallant Gentleman' is a slowly building piece that gives you a just a glimpse of the tumultuous journey to follow," says guitarist Matt Harvey. "The track tells the story of Lawrence Oates, an army captain and explorer who walked off into the freezing Antarctic night on a expedition gone wrong, in an attempt to give his life to save the rest of his team. He knew he had become a burden on his friends. He knew their chances of survival would improve without him. So off he walked, alone, into oblivion. An opening track to a record that is steeped so much in the ideas of life, death and hope."

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