Blues Rockers Welshly Arms Preach the Gospel on "Down to the River" (premiere)

Photo: Peter Larson / Courtesy of Republic Records

Cleveland's Welshly Arms blend soul and gospel with rock in a powerful mix on "Down to the River", a tune that will burn up the festival circuit this summer.

Cleveland's Welshly Arms blend soul and gospel with rock in a powerful mix that lends a soaring quality to their music. It's music made for huge festivals and passionate crowds. "Down to the River" is from the band's upcoming debut album No Place Is Home releasing 25 May via Republic Records, and it shows off what a tight band Welshly Arms is. They rock hard while an emotive gospel chorus adds a bluesy weight to the tune and takes down both phony preachers and politicians. It's highly timely and a strong single that should have folks shouting at the chorus at festivals this summer. Put Welshly Arms down as rock band to watch.

Frontman Sam Getz tells PopMatters that "'Down to the River' was written about people who sell ideals that they don't even buy into themselves. Growing up in Middle America, the six of us have been exposed to a number of phony preachers and crooked politicians who selfishly prey on people's emotions, desires and fears for their own financial gain and power. These are clearly not the folks that I want to take spiritual advice from, or have running my country. I'd rather drown than be baptized in a river of bullshit and half-truths."

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