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New version of Robert Penn Warren's novel about a Huey Long-type politico has a powerful cast, including Sean Penn, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Anthony Hopkins and Patricia Clarkson. Penn's southern drawl is an earful.

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The original gang, including Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius, are with us once again.

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Jet Li plays martial arts legend Huo Yuanjia, who overcame tragic odds to become China's greatest fighter at the turn of the 20th century.

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James Franco and Jean Reno are among the stars in this tale of the Lafayette Escadrille, the first fighter pilots.

Director Spotlight: Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock helped to create the modern horror genre, the modern thriller, and the modern black comedy. He changed film, even as he was inventing new ways to approach it. Stay tuned through October as we present our collection of essays on the Master of Suspense.


'Psycho': The Mother of All Horrors

Psycho stands out not only for being one of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest films, it is also one of his most influential. It has been a template and source material for an almost endless succession of later horror films, making it appropriate to identify it as the mother of all horror films.

Francesc Quilis

The City Beneath: A Century of Los Angeles Graffiti (By the Book)

With discussions of characters like Leon Ray Livingston (a.k.a. "A-No. 1"), credited with consolidating the entire system of hobo communication in the 1910s, and Kathy Zuckerman, better known as the surf icon "Gidget", Susan A. Phillips' lavishly illustrated The City Beneath: A Century of Los Angeles Graffiti, excerpted here from Yale University Press, tells stories of small moments that collectively build into broad statements about power, memory, landscape, and history itself.

Susan A. Phillips

The 10 Best Indie Pop Albums of 2009

Indie pop in 2009 was about all young energy and autumnal melancholy, about the rush you feel when you first hear an exciting new band, and the bittersweet feeling you get when your favorite band calls it quits.

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