White Fang: Chunks

Chunks is 40 minutes of slacker stoner punk at its most obnoxious. But that seems to be the point.

White Fang


Label: Burger
US Release Date: 2015-10-30
UK Release Date: 2015-10-30

From their Van Halen-aping logo on down to their song titles (“Bong Rip", “Drugs I’ve Taken", “Pissing in the Driveway", and “Shit on My Shoe", among others), it is clear White Fang is not to be, nor do they wish to be, taken seriously. But their overly bro-ified version of testosterone-heavy angsty stoner punk relies too heavily on its one-note premise to warrant anything more than a single (the surprisingly clean production does them little in the way of favors as well).

At 16 tracks, Chunks is essentially 40 minutes of drug-fueled, drunken debauchery and piss-taking that quickly wears out its welcome. While they should be commended for their energy and intensity, it is clearly misplaced and taken to obnoxious extremes. That said, White Fang make it clear from the start that this is their intention. Whether or not you’ll enjoy Chunks will be largely predicated on your tolerance for such juvenile antics.

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