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White Hills Returns with New Video, “End of the Line”, Celebrating Martin Bisi’s BC Studio (premiere)

Extracted from a larger performance, White Hills' "End of the Line" arrives ahead of a new tour from the band and new compilation for producer Martin Bisi.

With a new tour at hand, veteran New York City psych unit White Hills returns with a video for “End of the Line”, culled from the BC35 compilation. The album celebrates 35 years of producer Martin Bisi‘s Brooklyn studio, BC. Within those walls Bisi has worked with a range of acts that, aside from White Hills, also includes Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Swans, Helmet, Cop Shoot Cop and many more.

White Hills’ Ego Sensation recalls that the tune was written especially for Bisi’s anniversary party. “We’ve worked on three White Hills albums at BC Studio. We keep going back because recording with Martin is a profound learning experience. He puts a great amount of philosophy and critical thought into his work and is a master at translating conceptual ideas.”

“End of the Line” moves and morphs like an organism under a microscope, the details enhanced, exhilarating to witness, organic. Though certainly within the realm of psychedelic and experimental music, its unnerving underpinnings will appeal to a wide range of truth seekers who wish to hear something well outside the bounds of the mundane.

Bisi is one who has been enjoying White Hills’ penchant for the experimental for a long time. “I’ve been collaborating with White Hills on all kinds of stuff over the years,” he recalls. “Ego appears in the artwork of my album Sirens of the Apocalypse, she directed a music video for me, ‘Sin-Love-Hate’, and I’ve recorded many odds and ends on their records. For the recording of the BC35 album on the 35 year anniversary weekend, we wanted to avoid any active bands doing their own thing – everything had to be a unique grouping of musicians, a special version, or reunion. So White Hills did a one-time-only set with no drums, and no singing, and for exactly the time I gave them, a contiguous 20 minutes. This video is an extract.”

BC 35: The 35 Year Anniversary of BC Audio is available for purchase here.


5/23/2018 Alchemy – Providence, RI
5/24/2018 Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD
5/25/2018 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
5/26/2018 Cattivo – Pittsburgh, PA
5/27/2018 Reggies – Chicago, IL
5/29/2018 Lookout Lounge- Omaha, NE
5/30/2018 Hi-Dive – Denver, CO
6/01/2018 Neurolux – Boise, ID
6/02/2018 Northwest Terror Fest – Seattle, WA
6/03/2018 Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
6/05/2018 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
6/06/2018 Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
6/07/2018 Hi-Hat – Los Angeles, CA
6/08/2018 Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
6/09/2018 Sister – Albuquerque, NM
6/11/2018 The Lost Well – Austin, TX
6/13/2018 Growlers – Memphis, TN
6/14/2018 Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN
6/15/2018 529 – Atlanta, GA
6/16/2018 Kings – Raleigh, NC
6/18/2018 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
6/21/2018 Sled Island Festival – Calgary, AB
7/13/2018 Stoned from the Underground – Erfurt, DE
8/10/2018 Sonic Blast Fest – Moledo, PT
8/11/2018 Alcatraz Festival – Kortrijk, BE


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