Wild Nothing – “Reichpop” (Singles Going Steady)

“Reichpop” is the triumphant shedding of Wild Nothing's previous C86-obsessed jangle-pop tropes.

Kevin Korber: Even from their earlier work, there were hints that Wild Nothing aspired to be more than your standard C86-obsessed jangle-pop group. “Reichpop” is the triumphant shedding of those tropes. Jack Tatum sings with renewed vigor over a bed of synthesized sounds and quick bursts of guitar. Given how easy it is for bands like this to slip into a monochromatic funk, it’s exciting to hear Wild Nothing successfully expanding their palate. [8/10]

John Garratt: Blissful hypnosis!… at least for the first two minutes. From that point forward, “Reichpop” begins to sound confused thanks to a weak set of vocals that really put the Nothing in the band’s name. Minimalism is supposed to boil music down to its essentials, not wallow around in the absence of a centralized idea. [4/10]

Jordan Blum: Its initial synth build-up into colorful counterpoints is intriguing, and once the percussion, vocals, and guitars come in, it’s a fine mixture of glam rock aesthetics and modern dream pop techniques. It’s sort of a mixture of the Smiths, Scissor Sisters, Radiohead, and even a slight bit of ’80s King Crimson. The songwriting itself isn’t as worthwhile, though; really, it’s quite obvious and simplistic. Nevertheless, the track offers an interesting combination of styles. [7/10]

Timothy Gabriele: It’s clear from the opening looping patterns that Wild Nothing seek to evoke minimalist composer Steve Reich in that song title, but a bunch of guys who looks like this should probably be a bit more careful with their wordplay. Putting aside the extraordinary good faith that Wild Nothing likely are not Prussian Blue and just ill-advised on song titles, “Reichpop” is actually… ugh, I can’t. Let’s just call it “Marimba Island Jam”. “Marimba Island Jam” colonizes tropical sounds… okay, what I’m trying to say is that the song is actually quite enjoyable, okay? But I don’t co-sign on the name. Please don’t be Burzum, Wild Nothing. I want to enjoy your music. [7/10]

Dustin Ragucos: What could have been a celestial journey into the realm of purgatory drifts into a not-so inventive venture into the tropics. “Reichpop” invites listeners already hungover from constantly familiar indie grooves and jams in yet another song without much going for it aside from textures that play on their own racetrack really well. Wild Nothing, surprisingly, are making me crave the new Animal Collective release even more… [4/10]

SCORE: 6.00

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