William Alexander - "I Won't Bite" (video) (premiere)

With the help of a photographer and a dominatrix, William Alexander has a rather memorable new video.

Formerly known as the Meanest Boys, William Alexander is back with another album of contemplative electronic bedroom pop, this time under his own name. Strangest Things comes out today, and you can see the risqué new video for "I Won't Bite" below.

"The 'I Won't Bite' video came about because of my incredibly talented friends, Brooke Frederick and Jeremy Eichenbaum," he tells PopMatters. "Brooke hit me up when she heard I had a new album coming out and asked if she could do a video for a track. She's an insanely talented photographer so I figured it couldn't hurt to let her take a stab at a video. Brooke let me know she had been shooting with a dominatrix, which got me very intrigued, and wanted to use 'I Won't Bite' as the song. It was the perfect choice. There's an amazing juxtaposition between the footage of Rebecca Knox and the laid back groove to the song. The repetitive vocals of 'Just stay here, I won't bite' up against the visual creates the perfect balance. She enlisted Jeremy to help her out with it and they delivered a stellar video. I can't thank them enough. Enjoy!"

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