Wons Phreely Loses His Head on "The Night Has an Alibi" (premiere)

Photo: Cassandra Hannagan

Wons Phreely+theHorses give self-doubt a '80s pop-fueled anthem on this shimmering new track.

Fans of Australian singer-songwriter Wons Phreely might notice something different about him once they hit play on his latest music video. In it, Phreely bounces from scene to scene in a way that might be deemed more convenient for travel; his head has quite literally been lost. Detached from the rest of his body, Phreely is carried, careened, and even flat-out dropped against his will, acting, perhaps, as one of the most artistic metaphors for self-doubt possessing your thoughts and actions that we have seen.

Much different than the sort of introversion that we suspect from songs dealing with these themes, "The Night Has an Alibi" could be classified as a '80s pop-inspired banger if there ever were one. Phreely introduces beating drums and undulating, heavy synth to this deceptively upbeat anthem, marking a conscious, yet free-wheeling humor about his performance that offers itself incredibly well to the offbeat visual cues in his video. Without quite spoiling the video, it gives us something to celebrate before it closes out as well, leaving ample room for ambiguity while leaving intent watchers satisfied with the tale's beginning, middle, and end.

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