Woodpigeon: T R O U B L E

Woodpigeon's lush, melancholy new album adds new textures to the band's already heavily orchestrated pop.
Where It's at Is Where You Are

Woodpigeon’s new record, T R O U B L E, is a lush and melancholy collection. The production by Sandro Perri adds new complex textures to the band’s already heavily orchestrated pop and pushes it in new directions. The best of these songs seem soft on the surface, but roil deep down. The rumbling percussion of “Why We Fight” gives the song propulsion. The off-kilter rhythms of “Faithful” hint at the uneasy accusations whispered through the song. “The Accident” opens up into a jangling, bittersweet epic, sweeping with layers of guitar and vocals that complicate the song even as they lay its sweetness bare. T R O U B L E is not short on mentions of fighting and opposition, of tension and loss, of all the distances that can exist between people, between us and what we’ve done. When the album quietly disrupts its meditations is when it is at its most effective. Other parts of the album draw you in quietly, but the softness of these songs can lose its effect after a while. The album still feels uneasy in places breaking from the kinds of beauty we’ve heard Woodpigeon make before. The new angles here, though, suggest a new shift for the band and a bright future. Let’s hope Woodpigeon keeps chasing those down.

RATING 6 / 10


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