Wordburglar: Burglaritis


Whether you enjoy WordBurglar’s music depends entirely on whether you find couplets such as the following amusing: “I break it down like Jenga / My rhymes look good like tight shirts on Topenga” (from “Word Owner”). Or this little triple-doozy from “The WB”: “Full o’ shit like an arse carnival / You fart particle / I’ll leave ya hangin’ like a nard barnacle.” Burglaritis, Wordburglar’s latest 20 tracks of geek-rap h0tn3ss, is full of such nuggets of high comedy, and if you’re thinking “gee, hearing the word ‘like’ every five seconds or so must get tiring after a while,” you’re completely right. It’s possible that WordBurglar might not use a single metaphor on this entire album (as the aforementioned rhymes display, his entire schtick is steeped in simile). Fortuately for Mr. Wordburglar, he’s got charisma coming out his ears, and an insistent flow that sounds (somewhat predictably) like a more benign Eminem in a mischevous mood. Sometimes he gets down with the ladies (“Let’s Get Romantical”), sometimes he makes no sense at all (“Hat Trick”, among others), but mostly he sticks to one favorite topic: himself, and how nasty his skills are. You may enjoy this, you may not, or you may just be transfixed by how much his picture, on the back of the CD, looks like Jason Mraz; regardless, Burglaritis had the potential to be a lot worse than this.

RATING 5 / 10