Wrongkong: Wrongkong

Minty Fresh

Part European, part Canadian, part pop and pop electronica — that could easily sum up Wrongkong. And it really does work, not resembling a band who throws things together just for the sake of it. Whether it is the opening attractive of the light “Keep a Hold On” or the full on dance-electro-rock fueling “Catch Up”, Wrongkong, lead by singer Cyrena Dunbar, are a very good band along the lines of Ladytron if they listened to Metric for weeks on end. The album’s consistency is another selling point as “Wide Open” has a certain Jesus and Mary Chain feeling to it — sad but simultaneously uplifting. Meanwhile, “Ooh Good” is oh so good it’s not funny as its groove keeps things flowing perfectly. Even when the band opts for a somewhat roots rock feeling, as is the case with “The Sunshine”, they come up smelling like roses. “Lovesick” on the other hand is a slick bubbly pop number that Alanis might have done in her “Too Hot” teenage daze, er, days. Tight, catchy pop rock also comes down the chute with “Better”, a tune best suited for The New Pornographers but something Wrongkong hits out of the park. But the retro hues are there from start to finish with “Quality Retriever” recalling Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” to a certain extant.

RATING 7 / 10