Photo courtesy of Ear Shot Media

Wyldlife Celebrates Flowers, Friendship, and Jesus and Mary Chain in Their New Song, “Automatic” (premiere)

New York quartet Wildlife has plenty of glam and pop swagger to go around on single "Automatic" from upcoming LP Year of the Snake.

New York’s Wyldlife issues its album Year of the Snake 17 April on Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.

Automatic“, the latest single, arrives 27 March and gives listeners a fine taste of the group’s glam-inflected sound: Swaggering rhythms, infectious choruses, and lyrics that are instantly memorable. Wyldlife imagines a more focused Paul Westerberg creating a bomping bit of hard-edged but radio-ready pop.

Vocalist Dave Feldman says, “This song is for my friend Therese, who works for a florist and who also shares a huge love for the Jesus and Mary Chain. I also happened to work there every Valentine’s Day for five years or so delivering flowers. But this one is about her love life’s trials and tribulations. My close friend Sasha Cibic lent her voice on the chorus. I love them both so much.”

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