WYO Deliver Quiet Anthem With "Don't Stop" (premiere)

Photo: Monika Sed

WYO's "Don't Stop" is an understated but powerful number about facing down adversity and destroying obstacles before they stop you.

WYO issues its second LP, the Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Pete Yorn)-produced Changes, on 31 May. To celebrate, the duo (Andy Sorge and Scott McKay Gibson)has released the third single from the album, "Don't Stop" and issued an accompanying video.

Speaking about the track, the pair said, "It's a supportive anthem of encouragement for anyone that finds themselves faced with adversity, whether it be a relationship that friends, family or society doesn't support, or pursuing a passion that's met with cynicism. 'Don't Stop' is about staying true to yourself and the things you believe in."

True to those sentiments, the piece is an understated but uplifting slice of tasty twang mixed up with powerful pop sensibilities that make "Don't Stop" one of the singalong favorites of the season. Deeper and truer than you expect but impossible not to enjoy.


5/22 - San Diego, CA @ The Belly Up
5/30 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite (Record Release Show)
7/13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Eat|See|Hear Griffith Park

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