Wyteshayds - "Slow Climb" (audio) (premiere)

The Virginia trio excel at classic dream pop on their new track.

Part Cocteau Twins, part For Against, Norfolk, Virginia trio Wyteshayds mine the best aspects of late '80s dream pop. It's lean, sharp at times as guitar lines slice left and right, but the sumptuous quality of the music creates an undeniable feeling of warmth, which is accentuated even more in the layered, slightly indecipherable vocal harmonies led by bassist Jacki Paolella.

As you can year on their new single "Slow Climb", Wyteshayds have that vintage sound down, and in the process put their own distinct spin on it, adding a lithe groove later on. "The lyrics for this song came last, but the song was always about falling in love," they tell PopMatters. "The various altitudes of love and the palpable range of textures that go along with it."

Wyteshayds' debut album will be released in the first half of 2016.

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