Ye Banished Privateers - "I Dream of You" (video) (premiere)

Swedish pirate folkers, Ye Banished Privateers tease new album with lyric video.

Sweden’s Ye Banished Privateers return with First Night Back in Port on June 30 via Napalm Records. The new LP features the outfit’s unique amalgam of Scandinavian and Irish folk, tastes of bloodied punk energy and a knowledge of sea chanties as well. Other acts walk a similar path of course, but there’s often something forced, an element of put-on about it. Ye Banished Privateers is neither attempting to capture the glory of an era through which none of its members lived nor hitching itself to a niche trend.

It’s not even about the niche, really, as it is the music, something demonstrated across this new track, “I Dream of You". On need not to be adrift at sea or longing for a faraway home to appreciate the feelings of longing described in the lyrics as they touch on the human need for connection and belonging while also recognizing the importance of sacrifice. These themes make “I Dream of You” a song that appeals to music lovers of all ages and tastes. Though Ye Banished Privateers might argue that their fans have the best taste of all.

First Night Back in Port releases 30 June and may be preordered.

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