Yellow Red Sparks - 'New Fangs Old Pangs' (EP stream) (premiere)

The Southern California duo return with a winsome blend of folk, pop, and Americana.

California duo Yellow Red Sparks will be releasing their new EP New Fangs Old Pangs tomorrow, but why wait until then when we've got the entire thing to listen to right now? Combining gentle folk pop with warm, rustic Americana, Joshua Hanson and Sara Lynn Nishikawa bring lush vocal harmonies and an overall genial atmosphere to the already endearing arrangements. It's a joy.

When asked to comment on the new record, Hanson says, "Listening to the new Yellow Red Sparks EP is like eating a freshly baked, warm loaf of bread with soft butter after being 'low carb' for a month."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Feast away.

Pre-order New Fangs Old Pangs here.

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