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Yoko Ono Celebrates “Children Power” on Latest Cut From New LP, ‘Warzone’ (premiere)

Warzone is quite unlike anything Yolo Ono has released to date, but "Children Power" carries a message of optimism that's been central to her work all along.

Yoko Ono‘s latest album, Warzone, arrives October 19 via Chimera Music, the label run by Sean Ono Lennon. Warzone fines Ono, revisiting and reimagining 13 songs from her impressive body of song. These tracks span the years 1970-2009 and the veteran artist has says she feels the lyrics are often frighteningly relevant to the world in 2018.

“Children Power”, culled from this new collection, speaks to Ono’s optimism in the face of uncertain times and dire circumstances. The song’s simple but infectious refrain arrives atop a danceable musical setting which further drives home the urgency of Ono’s hope for the future. The accompanying video speaks to her undying creative impulse as well. Never one to stand still, Ono is already working on material for a new LP, likely to arrive in 2019.

Speaking specifically about the lyrical content of the song, Ono says, “Very soon, we will be relying on these children to create a world and I’m very happy about that because they seem much more intelligent than us.”

Warzone may be pre-ordered here.