Photo: Ben Handler

Young Readers Goes “Dancing” Through the Good Times (premiere)

Indie folk artist Young Readers' latest video "Dancing" tells the story of a reassuring love in the face of darker times.

Set back by album delays and a sudden cancer diagnosis, Jordan Herrera had to power through the darkness across two long years before finally releasing the latest Young Readers effort, Migrator. The indie folk of which the album is comprised might be minimalist in composition, but is bursting with a captivating emotion as Herrera tells the story of his pain and perseverance through the Young Readers lens.

“Dancing”, for instance, was a song written when Herrera felt like everything was falling perfectly into place. Yet, a subtle sadness pervades the track, almost seeming to foreshadow his next several years of struggle. Everything rides on the raw energy that the artist injects into his work, delivering a passionate performance in his gentle conveyance of a reassuring love in uncertain times. Following Migrator’s recent 24 August release on vinyl, Herreras is sharing the newest Young Readers music video in the form of a visual aid to “Dancing”. It is a perfect companion, suiting the song it’s inspired by well with the love story that gradually unfurls throughout.