Italy's YOY Teams Up With BIRTHH for New Single, "Infinite" (premiere)

Photo: Laura Campana / Courtesy of Transmission Publicity

"Infinite" is a new song from the Italian project YOY featuring singer BIRTHH.

"Infinite" is a new song from the Italian project YOY featuring singer BIRTHH. Already acclaimed by the likes of NPR and other major outlets, the singer will tour the U.S. starting in August. BIRTHH is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist born Alice Bisi. She describes the new, soulful pop number as "a song about feeling part of something that doesn't exist. The infinite vanity of everything means that everything you do is senseless, If you look for someone else's support, that doesn't help you. You should make it by yourself, only then, once the war is over, you shall ask for the help of the ones you care the most about. As long as they respect you, as you do."

The single is out now via the We Were Never Being Boring (WWNBB), the imprint also responsible for BIRTHH's LP, Born in the Woods. BIRTHH concert dates are listed below.


August 1 - Brooklyn, NY - Wonders of Nature

August 2 - Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA

August 6 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle

August 8 - Silver Lake, CA - Hyperion

August 12- TBA

August 15 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill

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