Ziúr and Aïsha Devi – “Body of Light” (video) (premiere)

Berlin producer Ziúr creates a new world with Aïsha Devi on "Body of Light".

Berlin producer Ziúr had only two EPs behind her when Planet Mu came calling. The eclectic label of forward-looking electronic music helmed by µ-Ziq himself released Ziúr‘s debut album U Feel Anything? just last month and her wondrous music is highly impressive.

Ziúr has a background in dance, and she’s the DJ and host of “Boo-Hoo”, an experimental dance night held in the German capital.On her new video for “Body of Light”, Ziúr shows that she’s a master at setting a mood, creating atmosphere and blending avant pop hooks within a complex electronic framework. “Body of Light” exists as its own world and it draws you in through it’s evocative visuals and stunningly produced music.

Can you tell us what’s behind / what inspired you (to make) “Body of Light” ?

with knowing i’d produce an album i also knew i wanted to work with some collaborators on some tracks. i asked aisha if she’d sing on a track and she ended up co-writing it with me. i do think we basically elevated each other on this one, took the best out of two worlds.

How did you meet Aïsha? Do you plan to collaborate more in the future?

We met at a danse noire night in Berlin, and I think we might have been mingling in URL life before that. So, in the end, it was quite easy to kick off the discussion about a collaboration. Let’s see what the future holds, but every time i collaborate on things, I really enjoy including different people in my work, to being able to reach new grounds and to not get caught in the same patterns. Then again, never say never. I will probably produce a track on Zhala’s new album (the other collaborator on my album), so there you go.

Tell us about the video, How did it come about ? Who is behind it?

The video was a group effort between Aïsha’s visual collaborator Emile Barret, a friend of mine, Dacio Pinheiro and additional people who helped on the imagery. It’s maybe a tiny bit too intertwined to get to the bottom of how this all really worked out in the end, especially given that we all were at different corners of the world but if you’d draw lines on a map, connecting all our sweat drops, drool and tears, we’d probably end up with some witchy sorta secret message.

Your debut album just came out on Planet Mu. How does that feel? What’s next for you?

I think it feels good, haha… I’m happy with it but it might be a bit too early to having fully processed. I like seeing things as a whole and not jumping to conclusions. I got back to writing music again, needed a break after this but also was touring quite a bit, but now i’m back on it and it’s fun again. currently i’m working on writing music for a dance piece but also started writing potential music for a next release. it’s all too early to tell and i clearly won’t spoil any surprises. What’s in store for the next year is a by far classic story of trying to focus on writing new music while touring as much as possible in between.