Zolita, Babys, Brooklyn 2023
Photo: © Sachyn Mital

Zolita’s Pop-Punk Confessionals Blaze at Brooklyn Show

Dazzling singer Zolita’s current tour in support of her new EP ‘Falling Out / Falling In’ also benefits the LGBTQ community. Lulu Simon opens the show.

Falling Out / Falling In
10 February 2023

On the heels of her new EP Falling Out / Falling In, Zolita has been performing in cities across the United States, including one sweaty night at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. She’s not widely familiar yet, but Zolita is creating infectious pop-punk with music videos that have been spreading virally, particularly in the LGBTQ community.

The “emerging alt-pop” singer originally was writing folksy tunes inspired by the musical tastes of her father before heading to college to study film. There, she discovered music videos were the perfect intersection of film, music, dance, and activism (she is responsible for all the elements of the videos). Zolita’s focus on detail is evident in her live show as much as in her videos.

Lulu Simon | Photo: © Sachyn Mital

Lulu Simon is the tour opener and offers glimpses of her vulnerability and intensity through a handful of songs, including some from her new EP Muscle Memory. Simon, the daughter of Paul Simon and Edie Brickell, has songs with millennial intensity and reflectiveness. Friendships inspire many of her songs, mostly the experience of losing them. She alternates from seeming a little teary early in the set to expressing strength and defiance as she sings songs like “Already the End” and “Driftwood”. 

Zolita is stunning as she takes over the stage, towering over the audience atop sparkly high-heeled boots that match a later-revealed (during “Evil Angel”) dazzling sequin outfit. She (alongside her bandmates, drummer Caitlin Kalafus and guitarist Andrea Ferrero) power through tunes like “I Fucking Love You” and “Come Home with Me” while holding hands and gazing deeply into audience members’ eyes. Dashing off-stage for a brief outfit change, Zolita returns to perform the emotional ballad “Ruin My Life” before showcasing her acoustic guitar skills on the confessional “Ashley”. 

Zolita | Photo: © Sachyn Mital

Reaching the end of her set, Zolita thanked everyone for attending. She shares how she wished she had queer representation in music growing up and noted that a portion of the ticket sales will support the Trevor Project for young LGBTQ+ people. Then she releases the throttle and wraps up the show with the energetic “20 Questions” and (for the encore) “Somebody I Fucked Once”. Zolita’s energetic and intimate songs are an electric and inclusive embrace for an ever-growing community of fans, LGBTQ or otherwise.

Zolita and Lulu | Zolita | Photo: © Sachyn Mital
Zolita | Zolita | Photo: © Sachyn Mital
Zolita | Zolita | Photo: © Sachyn Mital
Zolita | Zolita | Photo: © Sachyn Mital