Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

British Art-rockers Zooni Debut Video for “Dissolve” (premiere)

Stirring visuals for "Dissolve" capture the essence of Zooni's slowly unfurling gem.

The new single, “Dissolve” from British art-rock band, Zooni hooks in the threads of inventively erudite indie bands like Alt-J, Everything Everything, and Wild Beasts, and stitches them into a rich blanket of sonic textures and sounds that are distinctively their own.

Opening with the rumbling groove of a robotic funk bassline, the band craft their sound from compelling layers of sweeping piano chords and jerky guitars. It’s a deftly put together slice of gently undulating art-rock with a chorus that coils itself around the subconscious with a silky grace. The accompanying video to the song was created by director/artists and animator, Patrick Atkins. The music directly inspired the arresting visuals as he explains.

“The energy and atmosphere of ‘Dissolve’ was the main source of inspiration to the visuals I created. I didn’t want to make anything too literal to the lyrics themselves, so used the dreamy, slightly-dark tone as a jumping-off point for a loose scene, somewhere between deep sea and deep space. I wanted to match the layered production of the song, to give it texture and a slightly rough feel. I created most of the animation as individual stop-motion drawings, then pulled them all together in After Effects to flow across the track. I like making things that spark the imagination, as this track did for me in creating the video, so I’d let the viewer make their interpretations of any ‘who’, ‘what’ or ‘where’s to the figure’s journey throughout the song.”

Together Aitkens and Zooni have created a beautifully captivating piece of art.