Zuli - "ohfm" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Kimberly Young Sun

The melancholic sway of Zuli’s "ohfm" makes it a perfect autumn tune for indie rock fans.

From a sonic perspective, Zuli’s “ohfm” first feels like sunshine and rainbows. As it opens, sweet piano melodies meet the sweeter vocals of Ryan Camenzuli, the songwriter behind the project. It transforms around the minute mark with fuller instrumentation.

As a mellow synth takes the center of the tune’s instrumental circle, its more melancholic undertones begin to sprout. They’re in full bloom once the indie rock ballad reaches its passionate end, but there’s a bit of hope laced in there to balance things out.

Lyrically, the song rides the line between positive and negative to the point that one wouldn’t be remiss to call it an uplifting downer. This is a sentiment that Zuli would agree with, as he says, "'Ohfm' is a culmination of all the themes of the album. That leap of faith mentality that life presents to everyone & the doubt that comes after you've made your bed. Though a lot of the song has a negative connotation, I like to think that the song ends as a win."

Zuli’s debut album, On Human Freakout Mountain, will release on 20 October.

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