The Explosion: Flash Flash Flash

The Explosion
Flash Flash Flash
Jade Tree

The tattered punk-rock banner has been passed on to a few pimply faced teenagers from suburban New Jersey, and rock ‘n’ roll is a better place for it. Whether or not they are actually from the Garden State is debatable, but one thing remains clear: The Explosion provides an ample portion of punk rock heat to convert the non-believers. Combining the best elements of heroes past like Stiff Little Fingers and the Descendants with the accessibility of today’s catchier punk acts, this band creates a quality 14-track recording entitled, Flash Flash Flash, released on the fine Jade Tree label, better known for their more “emotional” acts like the Promise Ring and Joan of Arc.

With strong cuts like “God Bless the SOS,” and “Broken Down and Out,” the Explosion opt for a full-throttle attack on all-too-prevalent mediocrity pervading the current state of punk rock. Like a Magnum shot in the arm or a cyanide injection into the bloodstream, the boys in the band rock out without subtlety or a care in the world. And that’s one of the main successful components to the punk rock equation, children. “Three cheers for Flash Flash Flash!,” cried out the village idiot, shortly before unintentionally throwing himself into the lake.