Karen Zarker

As Managing Editor for PopMatters, Karen works with the kind of writers she loves to read; writers with smarts, wit, heart, and style -- and a healthy respect for history. Her generalist nature seeks writers, musicians, filmmakers, and other storytellers who are traveled (including those with the mind of a traveler, if not the means), educated (academia has its merits, but so do degrees from the school of hard knocks), broad-minded (those who know that their world is not the center of THE world), and with a healthy sense of humor. She served as a critical reader and editor for some of her professors in college; she is devotedly a writer's reader and writer's editor. A graduate of Columbia College (Chicago, that is) she is a "post-graduate" reader of almost everything but minds. (True story: she was in 'The Closet' with Ellen DeGeneres: https://popm.at/2WIxp7M)
PopMatters Seeks Film Critics and Essayists

PopMatters Seeks Film Critics and Essayists

Whether revisiting a film that has been unjustly forgotten or ignored, critically analyzing the catalog of a particular director or performer, or doing a cultural study of a particular theme or formal technique, our feature essays provide writers with the opportunity to showcase their talent to an international, media-savvy audience.

Call for essays, reviews, interviews, and list features for publication consideration with PopMatters.
Call for essays, reviews, interviews, and list features.