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With the mission to educate as well as entertain, our scope is broadly cast on the best of pop culture and we are the world’s largest site bridging academic and popular writing.

PopMatters welcomes reviews (600-plus words), essays (min. 1,200 words), interviews (min. 1,200 words), and list features on a broad range of topics in popular culture, past and present.

PopMatters publishes for posterity. Our roots are in academia, and our mission is to educate as well as entertain. Our articles are indexed and saved in perpetuity in library databases via ProQuest. Our writers are mindful of our place on the cultural/historical continuum – that’s the matters in PopMatters, that’s what differentiates this online magazine, est. 1999, from other “pop culture websites”. Smart readers rely on PopMatters for articles that meet their intellectual caliber.

PopMatters welcomes articles on a wide range of subjects in culture throughout the globe, past, and present, and for those who dare, the speculative future. PopMatters’ writers, like PopMatters’ readers, are educated, informed, pop-culture savvy, located throughout the world — and they know their history – and they bring this level of engagement to the articles they present to our readers. Writers interested in bringing their intelligence, creativity, and passion to this fine magazine are welcome and appreciated.

If you are interested in submitting an article, and/or you’d like to join PopMatters’ staff, please submit your article/application to PopMatters’ Submittable interface. Please indicate in your entry title: Article (title) or Staff Application.

Note: Your article will be considered for publication. Thus, previously-published work should only be linked to for reference – not for consideration. An original, unpublished article for potential publication is required in this application process.


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Note: PopMatters is by and for the people. We don’t hide your work behind paywalls, we don’t restrict access to that so-called “elite” few. But due to the well-documented economic factors challenging independent publishing, at present, we haven’t the funds to pay for published work, as we only earn enough to cover basic expenses and no salaries. We are all volunteers. You also own the copyright on your work published with us. But you need to allow us to continue publishing the article and for it to be used for free in academia via course packets.

We can, however, offer our community’s hard-earned reputation, the respect we’ve garnered from reputable sources in the cultural industries, our years of editing, production, and social media experience, and most of all: the intelligent, engaged, culture-loving online readers your good work deserves.

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Call for essays, reviews, interviews, and list features for publication consideration with PopMatters.
Call for essays, reviews, interviews, and list features.