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Finding Harmony Amidst Discord: 'The Mountains Sing'

A Vietnamese family's song resounds over the effects of decades of tumult in Nguyen Phan Que Mai's excellent novel, The Mountains Sing.


Revolution from Below: Tim Mohr's 'Burning Down the Haus'

There's almost a nostalgia in Mohr's book for simpler times, when tyranny was orderly and bureaucratic and when antagonists and their tools of oppression were clearly defined.


Truthfulness in the Shadow of Despair: 'Our Short History'

A tender tale of survival and legacy, Lauren Grodstein meditates on the love and grief between a dying mother and her son.


Lauren Grodstein Reads from 'Our Short History' in This Exclusive Video

Lauren Grodstein reads from Our Short History -- a warm, complicated, and at times angry and sarcastic missive to a grown man his mother will never know.

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