Mean Jeans: Are You Serious?

Mean Jeans
Are You Serious?

Even though Mean Jeans’ Are You Serious? was released in December ’09, this particular reviewer has made it the official party album of spring and summer 2010. These Portland dudes hold sacred Screeching Weasel, coke, and headbanging, and their pogo punk rock shows it. Every song flows into the next as Jeans Wilder counts off, “1 2 3 4”. And true to form, the songs average about two minutes or less. “Rats, Roaches, and Jeans” is particularly catchy with its post-apocalyptic illustrations and subtle vocal harmonies. “Rats, roaches and jeans / We fucked up / The world explode… Nuclear Armageddon takes its toll!” spouts guitarist/vocalist Billy Jeans. Also noteworthy is “Party Animal”, an anthem for all shapes and sizes of party animals, one size fits all. Seriously, check it.

RATING 7 / 10