Avril vs. the Rubinoos- does she know more than she’s letting on?

Once again, the inimitable Mr. Tony Sclafani provides a prime scoop! You’ve probably heard the stories that the power-pop group the Rubinoos are accusing Avril Lavigne of ripping of one of their songs for her recent hit “Boyfriend” (which she denies)?

So sayeth Tony:

“She probably DID hear the tune, but not by The Rubinoos. The song was covered by the teen band The Party on their 1990 debut LP. This band was a studio creation comprised of members of the New Mickey Mouse Club. My guess is that Lavigne — who was a pre-teen star wanna be — probably heard this album at some point. The Party was sort of a proto-Britney/Christina/Justin effort by record execs. Many kids back then had this LP.”

Here is info on The Party

Here is The Party performing their minor hit “Summer Vacation”

Here they are doing the Rubinoos song in question “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”

So… what do you think? Maybe Avril should hire Bush’s lawyers and exert some kind of executive privilege.