Eve 6

Andy Argyrakis
Eve 6

Eve 6

City: Chicago
Venue: The Vic
Date: 2000-09-07

Eve 6's lead singer Max Collins was sick of being stuck behind his bass during the group last tour and he vowed to shed the instrument so he could interact more with the crowd. On the group's Horrorscope tour, he's done just that, bursting out from the darkness on stage and getting right up in the faces of the crowd. When the group opened with "Rescue," which also happens to be the lead off track on the CD, it was obvious that Collins was pleased with his role adjustment and ready to deliver some power house alternative rock and roll. The group followed suit early on in the set with the single "Leech," from their self titled debut album. Right away, it was clear that the group had matured since their last time on the road when they opened for Third Eye Blind. The group alternated between songs from both of their discs, focusing on the more bouncy, upbeat material from each. Tracks like "Open Road," "On the Roof Again," and "Jet Pack" got good reception from the crowd, and despite the fact that the tunes weren't radio singles, fans still seemed to know all of the words. The band's current single, "Promise" was definitely one fans knew every word to. Eve 6 started out the song by sampling the Wheatus' hit "Teenage Dirtbag." After "Promise" they slowed things down very briefly for their track about a love gone bad, "Here's to the Night." They may have had good intentions to have a slow dance song in the show, but the club full of mostly teenagers was more interested in moshing and jumping up and down. Collins told the crowd that it was only the band's second time ever performing the song on stage. That was obvious and it seemed like Eve 6 was just struggling to finish the track. Perhaps that song would be best left on the album where fans can catch it's beauty and also hear the keyboard sequence that accompanies the chorus. The set's highlight was their widely popular smash "Inside Out." That's the track that put the guys on the map and is one that the group is bound to be completely sick of playing by the tour's end. The track was their inevitable encore song and fans predictably got their chance to sing at the top of their lungs during every chorus when Collins held out the microphone as far out as he could reach into the crowd without jumping in. Eve 6 has the potential to last for awhile in the music business, providing that their sophomore project gains a lot of positive attention. However, there's not much else to say about the group or their mere one hour set. It seems as though it may be a bit early in their career to be headlining their own tour. They'd be best jumping on a mammoth tour where their fans would come out to see them while a whole host of other listeners could check out the group's live show.

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