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The Eyes Have It: An Interview with LP

Equal parts swagger and sway, LP is a rock star, in the truest sense.... like the love child of David Bowie and Patti Smith.


The Nightmare River Band: Last Goodbye

Last Goodbye is a barn-burner from start to finish with bright-burning flames. One of 2012's best.


Megan Reilly: The Well

The Well is an immediately striking record that may someday be considered a classic.


Whitman: Weekends

Whitman's Weekends may be one of the most honest and representative records of twenty-something angst that's been recorded in quite some time.


Good Night & Good Morning: Narrowing Type

Good Night & Good Morning are a young Chicago-based band. They're quiet, but they're unbelievably good, and they've created a small masterpiece with Narrowing Type.


Liminal Phase: LP

"There's a lot of similarities between what we're doing now and what Miles Davis was doing in '69" says a member of Liminal Phase. It's hard to argue.


Old Time Machine: Old Time Machine

Old Time Machine began as an art-show contribution of a bluesman and a bedroom musician. They've stuck together since that exhibition and become one of the most exciting new bands in music.


Like Pioneers: Oh, Magic

Like Pioneers deliver one of the year's most exciting sophomore efforts with the brilliant Oh, Magic.


Loquat: We Could Be Arsonists

Loquat offer up a concise batch of engaging pop songs with their latest, We Could Be Arsonists.


Felix: Oh Holy Molar

Oh Holy Molar impressively avoids the sophomore slump some were expecting and continues to make beautiful pop miniatures.


Dark Room Notes: Dark Room Notes

A surprisingly engaging album from the Irish synth-pop trio.


Big Science: Difficulty

Difficulty is an engaging record packed with ideas that are executed flawlessly.


Pumice: Puny

Noise music is supposed to be challenging. That's something that Pumice understands and has taken to heart as Puny makes clear. Fortunately, like the best noise releases, there are breaks from the madness where everything makes sense, at least for a little while.


Father Yod & the Source Family: The Thought Adjusters

A decorated veteran, a stuntman, a monk, a restaurant owner, a spiritual leader, and a frontman. Father Yod was all these things and more, becoming a LA cult figure until his death in 1975. Drag City releases some of Father Yod & the Source Family's most sought-after material.


Young Man: Vol. 1

Young Man's second release in a three-part series about the fleeting nature of youth and transition into adulthood is nothing short of spectacular.


Robert Francis: Strangers in the First Place

Robert Francis crafts a more than worthy follow-up to his acclaimed debut, One by One.


Electric Guest: Mondo

This Danger Mouse-produced debut LP shows serious promise for the electro-pop duo.


Tomat: 01-06 June

Tomat's debut 01-06 June is an occasionally terrifying, often exhilarating, record that finds the delicate balance between structure and chaos.


The Beautiful Sunsets: Coalminers & Moonshiners

Recorded as an extension of the band At the Spine, the Beautiful Sunsets' full-length proves to be more than worth the separate division in the project.


Devin: Romancing

Romancing is Devin's fiery debut that packs several punches and leaves a very impressive mark.


La Sera: Sees the Light

Kickball Katy goes out of her Vivian Girls perimeter and proves she can do better on her own with her sophomore effort as La Sera.


Killing Joke: MMXII

Killing Joke's 15th full-length effort, MMXII is everything you'd think it would be.


The Right Now: Gets Over You

The Right Now are having their own kind of revival right now and emerging as the first true successor of Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings.


Paranoid Android: Is Music the Opiate of the iPod-Owning Masses?

Wherein our curmudgeonly record shop owner realizes that his store with its bins full of vinyl was his own personal iPod long before the iPod was ever invented.

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