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Listening Ahead: Upcoming Releases for June

It used to be that the coming of summer meant that the album release schedule was on its way to a vacation until the fall. That’s definitely not the case this month.

Matthew Fiander and Arnold Pan

Silver Jews

Wilson McBee

Silver Jews: Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

When you find new -- here, more hopeful -- ground, you do have to find new footing, and the Silver Jews are stuck in that transition with this album.


Clearer Vision: An interview With David Berman of the Silver Jews

The Silver Jews' David Berman recently underwent eye surgery that both physically and metaphorically extended his range of vision. He talks to PopMatters about being able to see farther in so many ways.

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Aimee Mann, Silver Jews, Ida...


Silver Jews

has been recording for over a decade, but up until a couple weeks ago, you could've counted their live performances on a pair of severely injured hands...

Mike Powell

Silver Jews: Tanglewood Numbers

Drinking beer to review records to drink beer to.

Josh Berquist

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