Rachael Kilgour - 'Rabbit in the Road' (album) (premiere)

by Jonathan Frahm

27 February 2017

The folk singer Rachael Kilgour wears her heartache on her sleeve, and in doing so reassures others going through similar strife.

Minnesotan singer-songwriter Rachael Kilgour’s newest music is born from the rollercoaster that followed an excruciating divorce. Before Rabbit in the Road, all of her previous work focused on marrying in her early 20s and living as a young step-parent in a same-sex relationship, deftly chronicling all of the ignorance on behalf of the religious, governmental, and just plain ignorant against her family.
Here, Kilgour is once again writing and performing songs focusing on her life, but now in the profundity of losing love and learning to love oneself again. Following the greatest betrayal she has known, Kilgour bears her bruises in captivating fashion. Throughout the heartache, she is unafraid to lean on her support system to regain her confidence, and in doing so reassures others going through similar strife. 

Rachael Kilgour’s new album Rabbit in the Road releases 3 March 2017.

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