Daisy McCrackin – “Ladykiller’s Wife” Video (PopMatters Premiere)

Daisy McCrackin, a San Francisco native, first broke onto the musical scene in 2009, when she wrote and recorded an album titled Til Death Do Us Part, which acted as the soundtrack to the feature film 29 Palms. She has recently released her sophomore album, called God Willing, featuring nine soulful tracks infused with a modern-folk vibe. McCrackin emphasizes simple and elegant melodies, which allow listeners to focus on the insightful lyrics and moving messages her songs espouse.

The video for her single “Ladykiller’s Wife” was shot on location in Topanga Beach, CA, and is the brainchild of director Ciamac, producer/actor James Mathers, and of course, singer/songwriter, Daisy McCrackin. The video, making its premiere here on PopMatters, focuses on the antagonistic relationship between a husband and wife, and is, as producer Mathers describes it, “A meditation on the dominator paradigm (and all things Daisy).”

The video is presented almost entirely in slow motion, which serves to underscore the extreme tension between the couple described in the lyrics. Overlapping images powerfully bleed into each other as McCrackin’s melodic tones and expressive lyrics echo and emphasize the dreamy ambiance of “Ladykiller’s Wife”. Gentle splashes of water provide a scenic backdrop to the image of the singer’s flaming red hair, flowing freely as she runs away in desperation from her tormenting husband. McCrackin herself speaks to the fantastical mood the video evokes, saying: “Without castles and horses and chainmail armor, this is the absolute best video that could have been made for this song.”