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Your Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist.

Down With Valentine’s Day! A Playlist for the Rest of Us.

It comes once every year. For weeks, paper hearts decorate nearly every room, store aisles are filled with flowers and overpriced packages of chocolate, cheesy romantic comedies are shown on TV non-stop, and cheery hand-holding couples grace countless jewelry store commercials. That’s right: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and to all of us who are still single (or just not in the mood), here’s some relief. Take a look at a video playlist full of the Anti-Valentine’s Day spirit.

“Heart Shaped Box” - Nirvana: Being that this is an alternative grunge song from the early 1990’s, you can bet that there isn’t any candy in that box. Is this the greatest Anti-Valentine’s Day song ever?


“Love Stinks” - J. Geils Band: Then again, this could be the official anthem for Anti-Valentine’s Day.


“White Wedding” - Billy Idol: Despite the title, there are some dark messages in this ceremony. “There’s nothing pure in this world, There’s nothing safe in this world”, is just the icing on the punk rock (wedding) cake.


“Possum Kingdom” - The Toadies: Sure, the lyrics “I will treat you well, my sweet angel” could be in any love song, but the song heads into creepy territory much earlier than that, and also features with a few repetitions of the phrase, “Do you want to die?”


“Another Day” - Paul & Linda McCartney: This song packs a double Anti-Valentine’s Day punch. It’s about how depressing life can be for single people, and describes what this holiday is to most of us: just another day.


“A World Without Love” - Peter & Gordon: Do you know who wrote this hit about wanting to shut yourself off from the world because you just got dumped? Surprisingly, it was Mr. “Silly Love Songs” himself, Paul McCartney. I guess every person has a dark side.


“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” - Poison: If you really think about it, the 1980’s are a treasure trove of depressing songs about love gone wrong. It’s not just every cowboy who sings a sad, lonely song. Every big hair-metal band had their own monster ballad, and most of the time it was a bittersweet ode.


“Heart of Glass” - Blondie: The energetic disco beat of this tune hides a simple truth: bad relationships are a pain in the…


“King of Broken Hearts” - Ringo Starr: This isn’t the type of song you would expect from such a seemingly jolly person, but maybe that’s what makes it so effective. If you only listen to one song this year about heartbreaking agony over not finding your perfect soulmate, make sure that this is it!


Linkin Park - “Valentine’s Day”: No matter how bad or uneventful your holiday is this year, it still probably won’t be as bad as what this song is talking about. A Valentine’s Day song about death: whatever you do, don’t accidentally add it to a romantic mix-tape.


“Love Me Dead” - Ludo: Looking on the bright side, this song reminds you that there are worse things than being single this time of year. You could be in love with “a gluttonous queen, narcissistic and mean”.


What songs would you add to an Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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